Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hey Guys...

You know I'd completely planned to discontinue this, haven't written a blog post since February maybe, but I just logged in and I'm pretty surprised by the increase in page views, so I'm feeling motivated. Thing is, I don't have much time to consistently put up pieces, A2 is here, and along with it comes the duty of begin Magazine Editor, giving my SAT next month and also my closest cousin is getting married, so add dance practices. I'll admit blogging isn't top of my priorities, but I figured I'm writing stuff for the magazine anyways, so I always could share them here as well. So I guess I'm sidelining reviews and all, but you'll be getting stories from me. Who knows, maybe it'll motivate me to come back 100%.
You might be seeing me a lot soon. :)

Monday, 24 February 2014

Quote of the Day

"I either eat too much or starve myself.
Sleep for 14 hours or have insomnia.
Fall in love or hate passionately.
I don't know what grey is. 
I never did."

Blog Resources: Adding a Twitter feed to your Blog.

So, we teenagers always have a new hobby to try out, and recently for a lot, including me, it's been blogging. Aint that right? ;) So naturally, we all want our blog to look good at least, hoping that it'll attract people, convincing them to check out the site once in a while. We also want the readers to not only actively follow our blog but also feel friendly towards us. The tweet feed widget is a cool way to do that, allowing your readers to see your tweets, and your daily, hourly, or even minutely updates on your life. Here's how to do it on either Blogger or Wordpress.

Step 2
Step 1:
Log in to your twitter account. Open your "Settings".

Step 2:
Click on "Widget". And then "Create new".

Step 3:
This is the official Twitter widget generator.

Step 3
  •  Enter your username.
  • You can choose to include or exclude replies to other people and whether you'd like your photos to be automatically expanded.
  • The height of the widget can vary, but if you want a widget in the sidebar like I have, then 600px is too large and awkwardly long to look appealing. The size I've used is 250px. It fits in roughly 2 tweets of mine.
  • The them light is for light backgrounded blogs like mine, and dark for balck based blogs.
  • The link color can be coordinated with your blog template.
  • There will be a preview of the widget you are generating alongside the form as you fill it in.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rest in Diamonds: Live Journal Update 12th February 2014

This live journal entry is solely dedicated to my upcoming A Levels Annual Play presented by LGS JT Girls in collaboration with B Theatre Productions called "Rest in Diamonds". It's at Al-Hamra Gadaafi Stadium Hall 1 on the 18th and 19th of February. Passes will be available at the spot also and distributed at various schools over Lahore. Do come, it's gonna be a smash.

Nidah Shahid
Aleena Imran
Ayesha Rashid
Sunia Bukhari (El o el)
Fatima Khawer
Umaima Siddique
Maimoona Sohail
Kinza Sohail
Sannia Farrukh
Huzaifa Akbar
Waleed A. Zaidi

Komal Zaheer
Sara Imran
Hafsa Riaz
Syeda Aatika Fatima
Sabrina Tariq

Directed by:
Waleed A. Zaidi
Huzaifa Akbar

Our Sponsers:
Tetra Pak
Gohar Publishers
Asma T.

Synopsis: Snake and Harry, two professional diamond thieves gatecrash the funeral of Miss Amelia Devonport, who was the late owner of the fabulous 'Devonport Diamonds'. Snake and Harry plan to impersonate relatives of the late Miss Devonport in order to get information on the diamonds and where they could be hidden in the old Devonport mansion. They plan to steal the famous stones.

Unbeknownst to Snake and Harry, two cops, Capt. Theunis van Staden and her young partner, Joe Smith have also gatecrashed the same funeral, and are also posing as relatives. Their task: to find the location of the famous stones, and use them as bait to trap the diamond thieves into revealing themselves. It all gets rather complicated when each one of them decides to call them 'Joe Smith'.

When the family solicitor, Ms.Grim and the Devonport Sisters try to have the diamonds all to themselves, the plot unravels, creating new twists and turns, turning the funeral into this hilarious farce.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Quote of the Day

New segment. Because I'm a teenager and we change our mind like we change clothes and everything is apocalyptic for us. So everyday- okay, maybe every week, or whenever I find something I like- you get the point, I'll post a quote here. Or maybe multiple quotes in one post since, well, it'd be annoying if I dedicated an entire blog post to a quote. Or I'll just associate it with my live journals sometimes!! Yes, that's cool. And final.

So today's quote of the day is from the movie "Stuck in Love" starring Lily Collins, Logan Lerman and Nat Wolff (He's SO cute). It came out in... 2012?

"I remember that it hurt. Looking at her hurt." -Rusty (Nat Wolff)

It's a starting sentence, one that'll get you hooked. You hear/read it, and you have to read again, you have to know more. And also, a more, well, inspiring one:

"The most important things are the hardest to say." -Stephan King

This quote was featured in the movie, but actually belongs to a book by Stephan King. It's very true actually, we never really seem to be able to say the things that are important, we waste our words on mindless, useless stuff, words that'll never make a difference or an impact on our lives. When the moment to speak actually comes forward, the moment where it matters the most, words fail us. Atleast that's what we say. In actuality, it's ourselves that can't muster the courage to say something that might matter. Call it ego, hesitance, denial or speechlessness, they're all just excuses not to dig in a bit deeper and find what we really have to say. Well, that's my understanding of that quote actually, I can be a bit too deep sometimes. It's open to interpretation. Honestly, it just means that the most important feelings can't be put into mere words that have been used so many times before. What makes those feelings special when you just describe with words everyone else uses too?
Think about it. And watch the movie, it's lovely.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Collateral Damage

Collateral damage. That was all she was. That was all she was referred to. The collateral damage. Not the girl that they so cruelly put in between this, not the innocent bystander they didn't bother save. No, she was none of that, she was collateral damage. A sacrifice made for the greater good. The greater good of whom exactly? Her parents? Her friends? Her husband and children? What about their greater good? What about MY greater good? How could I ever envision good without her?

We fought. A LOT. But then, we were sisters. How does that saying go? Sisters that never fight aren't normal? Well, let's say we fought more than not. But that didn't mean I didn't love her. That didn't mean I could ever imagine being without her. She was my other half, my silent partner in crime. The world may have seen me as the troublemaker, but she was always the mastermind behind the curtains. They may have seen me as the devil, but then she was just the angel that had a streak of darkness. A streak she hid well. We were really just two sides of the same coin, and together we were indestructible. You never picked on either of us without facing the others wrath. It was like a secret truce, we may torment each other, but that right belong to us alone, not anyone else. Anyone else who tried to mess with us, well, let's just say, it didn't end well for any of them.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Movies: Anticipated Book Adaptations. Hit or Miss?

I'm sure you all think I died, and for a few days in between, I'm pretty sure I did. BUT I'm back. And today we'll talk about movies. Book adaptations that have yet to released but are expected to be good. But then, we all expected City of Bones to be good, and it just disappointed me, the books were so much more better.
  • Vampire Academy: (Book by Richelle Mead, Directed by Mark Waters, Releasing 7th February 2013) - Huger chances of being a MISS, but it could go either way.
Here I am, all prepared to talk about what a failure this will be after seeing the first trailer, and then I see this poster, it's so cool. It looks like a Vampire Mean Girls remake. Okay, so after seeing the first trailer, which is horrible (Don't watch it, seriously) I felt like punching someone. Ridiculous, dumb and just plain wrong. And here I was about to start a tirade, well, actually I sort of typed it down and then erased it, because, I opened the second trailer and it doesn't seem so bad... Well it's still more of a Mean Girls remake, but then,  it's the same director so that shouldn't be surprising, but it comes off as a girl power kinda movie and I like those, so I'm gonna wait until it's out before I judge. Mind you, it could still totally suck, but at least I can say I gave it a shot. I did like the books a lot. And have you all noticed that Christian is hotter than Dimitri? 

  • Fifty Shades of Grey: (Book by E. L. James, Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, Releasing 14th February 2015) - Knowing the fans, it's a HIT.
Needless to say, this isn't for kids. So the first movie poster is actually out, but I like these photos better. (Notice how you can't even see Ana's face, just the way I like it. Christian is MINE) Okay, now that I'm done fangirling, the movie stars James Dornan (*_*) and Dakota Johnson, both comparatively new to the industry and perfect for their roles. Dakota isn't the perfect Ana, she looks a bit older than her age but whatever, as long as Christian Grey is perfect, and he is. My best friend still thinks he could've been better (she likes Matt Bomer) but I think as long as he can act like Christian, I can handle a little less gorgeous. Don't know how this movie will turn out though, I mean, it's hard to film, it can be outright Rated R, but then it can't be PG 13 either, given the nature of the book. I'm interested in how they'll handle it. I'm hear g they'll be two versions. Trailers aren't out yet, and honestly I don't know if I'll watch it (I'm 17 remember? And a bit queasy) but it's worth talking about. If you're younger than even me, well then shame on you for even knowing about these books, but if you're older, enjoy the fine specimen of a man that is Christian Grey.
  • The Fault in Our Stars: (Book by John Green, Directed by Josh Boone, Releasing June 6th)-Not even under discussion, this one's a HIT.